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Born in a not so well-to-do family and with just a grandmother for support throughout childhood, it's safe to say that Hemanth was a born fighter. As a youngster he dreamt of joining the army to fulfill his wish of serving the nation. Although he is getting to serve the nation, it's not how he thought it would be.
Destiny made Hemanth step into his first martial art classes, karate, at the age of 12. Since then there has been no looking back. His dedication and commitment towards the sport was immense. Everyday, after 10 hours of a livelihood job, practice sessions were on until his objective for the day was achieved.
After stumbling upon Muay Thai and inevitably falling in love with it, Hemanth moved to Thailand for a year and gained expertise over the art form. Today he has his own academy, Xtreme Muay Thai Academy, where he trains, guides, motivates and nurtures multiple and promising young talents to represent India on an international stage.
Although Hemanth's true passion lies in becoming a Muay Thai sports promoter in India, he is a great admirer of "Vince" and is highly inspired by "Don King". In order to progress with chasing his passion, he has hosted several stage shows, National Championships, Club Wars and Fight Nights without any support from the local federation. His work has got him to great heights. He's made the country proud by having the privilege of becoming the first and only Indian to be a part of the world Muay Thai Federation. He's also the sole representative for India in this prestigious federation since 2016.
The path undertaken by Hemanth was never easy. With years of experience as a fighter, instructor and an aspiring sports promotor, he has faced various hurdles in every stretch of his journey. Yet, he believes India is on the track to become the next big thing in industries like combat and sports, and he vows not to leave any stone unturned to lead this massive change.


Things that I work on.

Training various professional, Officers, students and Celebrities
Golden Start Ganesh (actor)
Mr. Karthik Jayaram (actor)
Mr. Dhananjay (actor)
Mr. Pratheek Jain ( Indian model & actor)
Ms. Avanthika (actress) KSRP - Karnataka State Resrve Police CRPF - central Reserve Police force

Official Fight Organizer in India who created Three Brands Club Wars, National Championship, XMC.

Successfully hosted

6 - Club Wars
2 - National Pro-Am Championship
1 - Fight Night

Representing India with Indian Fighters in International tournaments like World Muay Thai Championship at Thailand,
TAFISA World Games at Indonesia.

Leading State Muay Team in various National and State Championship in INDIA hosted by different Federations


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